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Web3 Web3 Domain
Web3 Web3 Domain
Web3 Web3 Domain
Web3 Web3 Domain

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What is Web3 Domain Name?

This technology, which we can call the third generation of the internet, makes use of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. Web3 domains, on the other hand, work on blockchain technologies and are non-central systems.

. What is Web3?

It is the third generation of the Internet and is a decentralized system that is planned to be passed in the near future, based on the blockchain system, utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning.

. Your new digital identity

Create your decentralized Web3 domain Identity to verify your social presence and view your decentralized collections.

. Web3 domains cannot be blocked

Governments, organizations, or a handful of people do not have the authority to restrict or block your domain name and content due to the nature of Web3.

. Get paid with your Web3 domain

Define your crypto wallet addresses to your Web3 domain and receive your payments through your Web3 domain.

. Earn money

You can generate income by selling your Web3 domains on the NFT crypto exchange or marketplaces.

. Smart investment

Buy any domain name associated with a trademark, public figure or known brand and resell it back to the owner.

. Think about the future

You have to be smart and think of everything. Buying domain names that you think will be in high demand later on can save you a lot in the future.

. We are pioneers in the world

We are one of the world's leading platforms for Web3 free domain registration.